Introduction to Storytelling by Pixar


I am a fan of Pixar’s storytelling style. I don’t know if you have ever read their famous 22 rules of storytelling? If you have not, you must. Some of the tips are really super useful to newbies like me who are fascinated enough by the magic to want to be a magician. But for now one has to be grateful that I am getting to read the magician’s book of spells before he returns. I make a quick note of rule number 2 from the book of spells. Must keep it back before the magicians arrive back.

“Keep in mind, what is interesting to an audience, not what is fun to do as a writer. They can be very different.”

So when I got to know that Pixar has tied up with Khan Academy to offer a course in storytelling, I was delighted. I thought I had discovered a new gold mine. My joy turned to embarrassment when I learned that they had done it before. They had first offered it in 2015. It was the ignorant me who did not know of it.

I started the course. And I jumped head in to the section I wanted to absorb straight into my DNA. So I started with the art of storytelling.

I took notes. And because I am a visual thinker (and learner?) I tried to draw along. I am sharing my notebook with you.

Insights about Pixar’s Storytelling Style

  1. The story must connect at an emotional level
  2. When we bring in something from our own lives into the stories, they make the story come alive
  3. The audience must feel what you felt
  4. A story gets polished each time you tell it. After polishing it many times, a story will finally sparkle.

Introduction to Storytelling

These are my key takeaways. Let me know if you found these useful. What could I do better. For one, I want to be able to draw just as well as the Pixar magicians. And be able to tell stories as well as the Pixar magicians. And create characters as beautifully as … Just one lifetime and so much to learn.

Absolutely recommended: PIXAR IN A BOX

Download this sketchnote from my notebook <go ahead>

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  1. Brit Cruise says:

    I love it, please keep sharing these for all 6 lessons when they are out

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