Virtual Reality is being used in business


Virtual Reality (VR) is seeing real world applications. The headset forces you to see only the visuals being shown. The headphones sealVirtual Reality off all ambient sound. The result is that the viewer gets an immersive experience of the world being shown. VR helps the viewer get immersed in a new world. The experience is very real because two of our five senses are getting immersed.

In Korea, the North Face company used VR to give customers a taste of the exotic. Ford is using VR to test elements of new cars. Audi is using VR to let customers try out stuff they want to add to their car. Try and buy gets a new meaning. VR as it matures will change businesses. Imagine what it could mean to experience interacting with your colleagues before you join your new employer. Try and buy will go beyond retail into all other functions.

From using VR to design warships (it can’t get more serious) to having Realtors do virtual walk throughs. A friend from US mentioned recently that his wife (who is a realtor) has increased her sale because it lets a potential buyer do a virtual walk-through of the property. Try and buy is going to become the way we shop. Learning and development has huge opportunities to use VR in training employees not just on the product and services but to build more empathy with customers. Leadership training can use VR to build empathy – an elusive area so far.

Virtual Tourism can make a bedridden person experience the thrill of climbing the Everest or going for a wildlife safari in Kenya or visiting the jungles of Ranthambore…

What are the applications of Virtual Reality that you are aware of? I would love to know. Do leave details of those ideas in the comments.


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