Reinventing Me: The Final Frontier


ReinventingI am always inspired by people who are reinventing themselves. Those who chase their dreams. Those who are not afraid to face a temporary period of discomfort before they emerge in a new avatar. To reinvent oneself, one has to break the mould and step out of the zone of comfort and familiarity.

Reinventing – not just for startups

Reinvention is not just for startups and those going digital. The final frontier is to disrupt yourself. The tools that organizations use are all available and accessible to everyone today. Think of your future self as a startup that will disrupt your current self.

If you are successful, the trigger for reinvention can be the pursuit of happiness. I certainly am motivated by that. I am embarrassed for a short while about my failures. But then I am miserable if I am not able to experiment. Experimenting constantly keeps me happy. The thrill of experimentation overpowers any fear of failure for me. I tried to write fiction and then tried my hand at writing non-fiction. Last week I wrote my first play. It was an attempt at blending theatre and leadership insights. Read more

Dealing with fears

A number of people fear the loss of income and relevance as they delay starting their entrepreneurial journeys. Tim Ferris talks about writing down the fears instead of the goals that you wish to accomplish. In this TED talk he talks about defining the fears – yes, just make the laundry list. Then he speaks of generating options that you can do to prevent the fear from coming true. And if the worst case scenario happens, what can you do to repair it. After all you are not the first human to be solving such a problem. So ask people for advice. The three simple columns help you overcome your fears.

Bill Fischer is a Prof at IMD and a dear friend. He wrote a fabulous introduction to my book the Digital Tsunami. It is a delightful piece of writing about the digital world from someone who lives the spirit of reinvention. This blog was inspired by his post (see link below).

If you have any tips on how you have reinvented yourself – or a part of yourself, do share that in the comments. Tell me about the fear that was holding you back and how you were able to overcome it. You never know whose life you may help reinvent. Thank you.

Bill Fischer’s post: <click here>

Download the sketchnote <click here>
Personal reinvention


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  1. Very Interesting.Re Inventing is a Magical world but we most of the people spent most of our life Inventing the purpose of our Journey and the most importantly Pursuit of Happiness.As it mentioning,its some times Painful and some times shake our entire Life.

    When I’m studying Books on Leadership i use to come across a Quality called Humility lot of times.I did not understand the word initially but ones i taken up Leadership roles,i experienced the real meaning of the word.What i mean,as a Leader i have to do journey where i have to face un known things and face pain but it will challenge my self confidence but still i have to go and face it.Its journey of Un Learning and Re Learning.I have to play very balanced role,since it will effect my team and my Organization.

    I just though to share.

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