Married But Available and The Hindu

And so, Bhaduri’s hero, Abbey passes out of IIM, Jamshedpur, gets into Balwanpur Industries, works at the township, chafes at the fishbowl existence he has to live there out of necessity, marries, gets estranged from, romances a woman or two, and slowly climbs up the corporate ladder. There is no discernible line of wit in the book; at best it is a collection of puerile jokes; the IIM gang comprises the usual suspects; the career climb is predictable, the women all coalesce into one another, come and go without leaving much impact. So what is the leavening factor in this ‘MBA’, a tenuous title at best? It’s lessons learned on the job which Abbey/Bhaduri imparts in a chatty tone that loses no relevance in the telling.

Human Resource/Human Capital Practice/Personnel Management, whatever the term du jour is, it’s a fast moving track, creative and exciting, a track where you think as you run. To that extent, Bhaduri’s case histories with their solutions, make for interesting reading. The way Abbey handles the enforced VRS scheme initiated by the MNC that takes over Balwanpur Industries, is both informative and entertaining.

Who Wants a Piece of SlumdogM

The euphoria of Oscars in India is still there as a lingering hangover. Everyone is basking in reflected glory – even me. I had predicted two Oscars for AR Rahman in my review of Slumdog Millionaire (see comment dated 8th Feb 09). So there… but the one that takes the cake is the ruling party in India taking credit for the Oscars. I kind of partly support their claim to fame. They are certainly responsible for our slums and the millionaire politicians.

The List That Matters

The Asian Age runs a list of best sellers for the week. For two weeks now the Booker award winning novel The White Tiger has been topping the list. The others that follow have been pretty consistent too. Brisinger has been at the silver medal winning spot and Meenakshi Madhavan Reddy who writes the immensely popular blog called The Compulsive Confessor is holding forth at spot number three while I am holding fourth

Married But Available in Best Seller Lists

Rashmi Bansal was the first one to write about my first novel Mediocre But Arrogant. The article called A Novel Pastime appeared in the June 2005 issue of BusinessWorld magazine (read the article here) and of course it appeared on Rashmi’s blog at the same time. She had profiled this new author called Chetan Bhagat who had stirred up major interest with his first novel called Five Point Someone.

The Hindu’s List of Bestsellers

Sometimes one stumbles across an old review or list while surfing. Here’s what I saw from The Hindu newspaper. This is really 27th August 2005. So pretty much just after the launch of the book.

No 2 on the Deccan Herald Bestseller List on Nov 5-2006

Fiction 1. The Afghan; Frederick Forsyth, Rs 264 2. Mediocre but Arrogant; Abhijit Bhaduri, Rs 195 3. The Alchemy of Desire; Tarun J Tejpal, Rs 295 4. 7 Ancient Wonders; Matthew Reilly, Rs 295 5. A Million Little Pieces; James Frey, Rs 331 6. To Kill a Mocking Bird; Harper Lee, Rs 264 Non-Fiction 1. The Monk who sold his Ferrari; Robin S Sharma, Rs 175 2. Winners never cheat; […]

Mediocre But Arrogant on the Deccan Herald’s Bestseller List

Here is the bestsellers list from the Deccan Herald dated 3rd September 2006

The Deccan Herald does it again

The Deccan Herald’s list of Bestsellers dated 5th March 2006 features once again Mediocre But Arrogant as a Bestseller – but under the Non Fiction category … along with other pieces of “non fiction” such as…

Walden Bookstore’s Bestseller List

To be part of any bestsellers lst is a dream come true.

Deccan Herald – Sunday, 13 November 2005

There’s Rusty, the streetsmart friend, Haathi, the institute doyen, who looks beyond the course to preparing the batch for life, Gopher, the slimy one, and Priya, Keya and Ayesha— the love interest… Fundu (needs no intro), Sethu, the resident brain… And friends is what Abbey needs in abundance, for the transition from an easy-going DU eco graduate to half-baked MBA type takes all the efforts of friends like Rusty.

Tribuneindia’s Bestseller List

Here is a listing of Mediocre But Arrogant in the bestsellers list

Deccan Herald’s List of Bestsellers

This was the first time I got listed in the bestseller list by Deccan Herald.