Media Recommends Married But Available

The Telegraph says, ” Married But Available (HarperCollins, Rs 195) by Abhijit Bhaduri follows Mediocre but Arrogant and is likely to be followed by Middle-Aged but Active. It is the story of Abbey, an MBA in the Eighties, when MBAs were just beginning to be accepted as god’s greatest gift to the corporate world. The prose is hardly of Booker quality, but the plot could interest a film maker wishing to capture on celluloid the pains and dilemmas of a man the rest of the world calls successful.” OK guys, I have made tentative plans of how I will spend those millions. Now let us get cracking on the deal, Bollywood … unless they meant Hollywood.

“Low on heavy fundas and high on humor and a feel good read.” says Times of India

Married But Available – Write Your Review Here

I have been receiving a steady stream of mails after some of you have finished reading my novel. While the media reviews will happen, I want to know what you felt about Married But Available. What did you like or not about it. Who were the characters you vibed with. Characters you would have loved to meet in real life or maybe there was an uncanny similarity between a character in the novel and someone you know. Have you met people like Capt Sobti, Rascal Rusty, Abbey…? Are you like any of the characters in the novel?