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Once upon a time I used to live in Ahmedabad. And I used to work for the ad agency called Mudra Communications. Those were heady days for advertising agencies. The founder of Mudra AG Krishnamurthy (AGK) ran the place. The Ahmedabad office of Mudra used to be decorated from the floor to ceiling with photos from the various shoots of Vimal. Remember the “Only Vimal” campaign starring the oh-so-gorgeous Mehr […]

David Rasquinha’s Review of Mediocre But Arrogant on Amazon.com

David Rasquinha is an avid reader and reviewer of books. Starting off with his first review dated 14 Dec 1999 when he wrote about A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin, since then has written 118 book reviews and 1463 votes who find his reviews useful.

About him – as disclosed on the Amazon profile:

“I am from India, temporarily based in the USA. A banker by profession, I am fond of classical music and reading, amateur astronomy. I suppose my grounding in hard nosed economics and banking made me gravitate to science fiction and fantasy. I love reading about different worlds and more importantly, different world-views, seeing how characters interact. To me the most fascinating part of sci-fi is not the bells and whistles of technology but rather the effects of this technological change on society and human psychology.”

Here is his take on M-B-A. Full disclosure: David Rasquinha and I were batchmates at XLRI, Jamshedpur, India. Over to you David.

Analysis of the Genre from Sid’s Blog

“I had first encountered the likes of ‘Anything For You, Ma’am’ in the insanely phenomenal best seller ‘Five Point someone [FPS] ’ and had followed it up with my current favorite ‘Mediocre But Arrogant [MBA]’. I now feel I’ve got an intuitive awareness to the spot many common threads binding such kind of novellas.

–>The first being, ALL the above-mentioned books are set in the premier institutions of our country. FPS, AFYM – IIT DELHI, MBA- XLRI.

Abhishek Kumar from Radio Mirchi writes

Read yr book, thoroughly enjoyed it !!! It took me through a range of emotions. Infact, the other day I was telling one of friends that this book is so relatble that even if someone called “Abhishekatoo sitting in Timbaktoo” reads this book he will be able to relate to it. I guess that`s wat is so beautiful about your book. It transcends all geographical, cultural, social & economic barriers.

Smita Kulkarni from Sunnyvale, California says …

My first impression after reading the initial 10 pages of the book was that like Shobhaa De’s (referring to her comment about this book), this one took me back to my college days. For starters, I haven’t heard the word “super-senior” in a long time. And it’s been a while since I heard the many slang words and all the very believable nicknames that Abhijit makes liberal use of in his book. It brought the college canteen/hostel back to life in my mind.

The Sequel – Abbey in the Corporate World

“… I think Abbey should find someone whom he really really loves … neither of the three ladies have the real thing in them … Priya does love him unconditionally but love should be reciprocated… it shouldn’t be a compromise…abt Ayesha , well she was never serious about it , she is out of question…and Keya , well her character isnt too well described. she is one of those mysterious chracters , i feel so…but u r the author so i guess u will figure it out :-)”

Bushra Hameduddin and more

But I want to share with you the part I loved best…it was the ending…Haathi’s personalised letter to his students. It was so touching, I cried. I’m doing my MBA, and for the past few months, I’ve been feeling lost and that I’ve lost my way, and I don’t know why I’m doing what I’m doing anymore. And Haathi’s letter meant so much to me becuse that did away with some of the restlssness I’ve been feeling…

See You in Jamshedpur on 19-20 Nov 2005

Read your book.And i think its grt. i could myself relate a lot with the book because of two reasons.Firstly because i am an ex hindu college hence memories of delhi uni, and north campus came back flooding. and secondly becoz i teach in a B school in kolkata so the potrayal is next to original.

Go Ahead You Crazy FLICKr…

What next Abhijit? Syndicated columns, movies, Abbey dolls…. Sequels definitely, I reckon. Speculating in possible titles… Well, the protogonist is likely to graduate and step into the corporate world. So Married But Available, Mean Beast Always, Mayhem Bedlam And …. You are welcome to suggest. I’ll get him to send you a free copy if he likes your title.

Sriram V Iyer from Madras, TN, India writes…

The magical world in the book that draws you into it is almost like the aura that exists in RK Narayan’s Malgudi and its characters. I liked Malgudi and its characters, but I adore Jampot, MIJ and Abbey’s world that revolves around it. What are you waiting for? Haven’t you got a copy yet? Go get it, before it gets sold out !!

From the land of Charminar and Biriyani

Just finished reading ur “MBA”…comparisons with “In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones” is inevitable and the gut response is u are good. Campus lores are mostly delightful and ur writing is v smooth — — thanx for a good read!!

Sonny says… Yeh Dil Maange More

I enjoyed M…..B….A immensely. Having started it I could not stop reading it and thankfully it was a great companion on a long international flight.