Don’t Hire the Best

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“Hiring mistakes are expensive. A very useful book for all involved in hiring high-potential talent.”
Azim Premji, Chairman Wipro Limited.

“The book is clearly written and well-informed discussion of the most important problem in business – How to find talented leaders.”
Dr Robert Hogan, President, Hogan Assessments.

“This is a must read for every person/corporate that wants to re-look at the way hiring is done. The book suggests innovative solutions to the obvious mistakes we make while hiring.”
V.R. Ferose, Managing Director, SAP Labs India

“If you are someone who makes hiring decision, read this book before you hire the next person.”
David Tessemann-Keys, SVP, International Operations, Development Dimensions International Inc.

“Anyone building a business should read this book. Abhijit Bhaduri explains clearly and sympathetically why so many smart executives end up making foolish hiring decisions. Then he lays out a logical system that will help you escape such traps. His insights about sizing up candidates are both valuable and inspiring”
George Anders, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and author of the The Rare Find.

Book Excerpts

“Projecting and promoting a vision is the core of charisma.”

“Most hiring dilemmas have to do with choosing between people who are all equally qualified to do the role.”

“Everyone who is qualified to do a role may not be able to do the role.”

“Success is determined more by personality fit that qualifications and experience.”

“Companies end up hiring the ‘ infamous leaders without any followers ‘.”

“Successful hiring needs four elements to be looked at. These are: a) Education, b) Experience, c) Competencies, d) Personality.”

“All personality elements, ‘derailers’, motivation and values have to be seen in the context of the role for which we are hiring.”