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Digital Transformation coach to organizations and leaders. Keynote speaker, author and columnist.
Wrote: Don't Hire The Best & the MBA series.

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See You in Jamshedpur on 19-20 Nov 2005

Read your book.And i think its grt. i could myself relate a lot with the book because of two reasons.Firstly because i am an ex hindu college hence memories of delhi uni, and north campus came back flooding. and secondly becoz i teach in a B school in kolkata so the potrayal is next to original.

Go Ahead You Crazy FLICKr…

What next Abhijit? Syndicated columns, movies, Abbey dolls…. Sequels definitely, I reckon. Speculating in possible titles… Well, the protogonist is likely to graduate and step into the corporate world. So Married But Available, Mean Beast Always, Mayhem Bedlam And …. You are welcome to suggest. I’ll get him to send you a free copy if he likes your title.

Sriram V Iyer from Madras, TN, India writes…

The magical world in the book that draws you into it is almost like the aura that exists in RK Narayan’s Malgudi and its characters. I liked Malgudi and its characters, but I adore Jampot, MIJ and Abbey’s world that revolves around it. What are you waiting for? Haven’t you got a copy yet? Go get it, before it gets sold out !!

Tribuneindia’s Bestseller List

Here is a listing of Mediocre But Arrogant in the bestsellers list

Deccan Herald’s List of Bestsellers

This was the first time I got listed in the bestseller list by Deccan Herald.

From the land of Charminar and Biriyani

Just finished reading ur “MBA”…comparisons with “In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones” is inevitable and the gut response is u are good. Campus lores are mostly delightful and ur writing is v smooth — — thanx for a good read!!

Sonny says… Yeh Dil Maange More

I enjoyed M…..B….A immensely. Having started it I could not stop reading it and thankfully it was a great companion on a long international flight.

The First Reading in US at Gautam and Ipsita’s

Gautam and Ipsita Goswami had chosen their living room area to create a great setting for a storytelling session. Gautam (an IIT and IIM-A alumnus and now a Prof at a Business School in New York) had already raced through most of the book earlier.

Get an MBA free…

XLRI, Jamshedpur is organizing Homecoming 2005 on19-20 November 2005.
Be there in XL and get a free M-B-A (Mediocre But Arrogant).

Mehul Pandya writes…

However, I would have expected to hear more about Keya and Abbey and still wondering what happened to that? If you had the liberty to complete the story to be a happy ending, what would have been your story? Perhaps, I would have also imagined Abbey entering into a serious relationship with Ayesha.

An Army Commander’s Take …

I was a little lucky to lay my hands on ‘ MEDIOCRE BUT ARROGANT ‘ authored by your honour. I am not competent enough to review this excellent portrait of some of us who plan or happen to be at institution of learning . Nevertheless once we are there, the sculpturs are there to give shape & convert the novices into the architects of nation of tomorrow. Maintains reader’s excitement […]

Anubhuti Sharma of Hewitt, US wrote to say

Abbey and his friends re-create the magic of sipping chai with friends, strumming drunken songs through early hours, making “life or death” decisions on love and life, tackling colorful professor personalities and their colorless assignments, and in the end winning a ticket to the corporate circus – somewhat wiser.

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