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Apna Asmaan was named QQJD

Recently got a chance to act in a movie called “Qatra Qatra Jeene Do” – Qatra literally means a single drop of any liquid. So the title describes the theme of the film – about living life one breath at a time. The film is a story about Buddhi a special child whose parents played by Irrfan (of Maqbool fame) and Shobhana (of Mitr fame). The film is the debut […]

Pramita Bose of ASIAN AGE Writes about Mediocre But Arrogant

As they say, literature is a reflection of life, so is cinema — the reel mirror of reality. It’s no surprise then that there have been back-to-back screen adaptations of good old literary classics plus period pieces in the past couple of years. But what about those films that project the contemporary world and its socio-economic scenario? Well, the present-day young writers are wholeheartedly considering their options to join the filmi fray and chip in their penned sagas on the silver screen.

Mediocre But Arrogant on the Deccan Herald’s Bestseller List

Here is the bestsellers list from the Deccan Herald dated 3rd September 2006

Recipe for a Bestseller by Anandita Gupta of The Tribune

Hours of scribbling away furiously for those terrible term papers. Some endearing moments — playing guitar in starlit nights, lazy sessions for rum and debate at the local dhaba, singing Bob Dylan numbers, eyeing pretty girls….

Write Choice says The Telegraph (Calcutta Edition) 30 July 2006

The typical setting for India’s new-age fiction is the college campus. And all elements of college life — hostel humour, bad food, nicknames — are woven into the story. “Readers write to me saying they can completely relate to my book,” says Abhijit Bhaduri, whose book Mediocre But Arrogant — is set in a B-school campus. Bhaduri is clear that he is no Dickens in the making. “My book is written in class notes style. I write like I speak,” he says.
Readers, for one, are not complaining. Bhaduri claims his debut novel sold 40,000 copies in one year — which qualifies the book to be a bestseller. He is already working on the second part of a planned trilogy. “In part two, my protagonist works in the corporate sector,” says Bhaduri, human resource director at Pepsico.

Smita Kulkarni from Sunnyvale, California says …

My first impression after reading the initial 10 pages of the book was that like Shobhaa De’s (referring to her comment about this book), this one took me back to my college days. For starters, I haven’t heard the word “super-senior” in a long time. And it’s been a while since I heard the many slang words and all the very believable nicknames that Abhijit makes liberal use of in his book. It brought the college canteen/hostel back to life in my mind.

ADOI – The Magazine for Media Professionals in SE Asia Carries a Review

The Boys Hostel in the neighbouring block reminded me of the army barracks built to keep everyone alert and on their toes. “If you do not feel comfortable and relaxed you will learn to be a fighter. Luxury will dull your desire to excel.” That was what my father said every time I desired but was denied something that was even remotely classified as a luxury. MIJ operated on the same philosophy.

The Deccan Herald does it again

The Deccan Herald’s list of Bestsellers dated 5th March 2006 features once again Mediocre But Arrogant as a Bestseller – but under the Non Fiction category … along with other pieces of “non fiction” such as…

Monday Morning Musings

A recent novel, titled Mediocre But Arrogant on the making of an Indian MBA, has a lass scribbling a message to a lad during an OB (Organisational Behaviour) class that “Go on like this and you’ll get a D.” To which the response is “I’d rather have an F from you.”

Matrimonial Testimonial

Q. What inspired the storyline of your book ‘Mediocre But Arrogant’?
A. Mediocre But Arrogant is story about love and life in a Business School. It is a story about college life, about good times with friends, about falling in love and about growing up. The protagonist Abbey is an unambitious and directionless person who lands up in the highly competitive and fictitious Management Institute of Jamshedpur. The story is about how the two years there change him and his relationships. The story is not autobiographical. The characters are fictional. But they are real and will prompt every reader to say, “I knew someone EXACTLY like this character.”

Walden Bookstore’s Bestseller List

To be part of any bestsellers lst is a dream come true.

The Sequel – Abbey in the Corporate World

“… I think Abbey should find someone whom he really really loves … neither of the three ladies have the real thing in them … Priya does love him unconditionally but love should be reciprocated… it shouldn’t be a compromise…abt Ayesha , well she was never serious about it , she is out of question…and Keya , well her character isnt too well described. she is one of those mysterious chracters , i feel so…but u r the author so i guess u will figure it out :-)”

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