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Wrote: Don't Hire The Best & the MBA series.

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The Confidence Game: Book Review

The Confidence Game: Book ReviewConfidence-Game

In India we often refer to a confidence trickster or a con as a “420”. The term “420” comes from a reference to Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code is used in India to refer to a confidence trickster. Even in neighboring Myanmar, term 420 persists in popular culture to this date. Psychologist and writer for NewYorker.com, Maria Konnikova has put together a great read on how the cons operate and more importantly, what makes us fall for these cons? Have you ever been tricked? I have. But have you tricked anyone?

6 HR Roles for the Future


Traditionally, organizations have worked based on one rule that every employee of the organization had to follow. Then came the era of five or six sets of rules that applied to five or six types of employment contracts that were offered by an organization. What if each individual employee had their own unique contract based on all the possible variables they could choose from. Today, several startups and digital disruptors have very few employees. For example, Uber has a policy of having only 3 employees in a city who manage the entire operation from partnering with drivers and managing them and serving clients. Xiaomi sold a million handsets in in India with only 75 employees. Will these organizations create new models of performance management and rewards? Will they grow their own talent by hacking new ways of learning at a rapid pace or will they buy out talent on a pay per use model? The possibilities are immense. Here are six roles your organization should think about.

Abhinav Bindra & Kolkata Lit Meet 2016

Abhinav Bindra & Kolkata Lit Meet 2016Abhinav Bindra

The one who left the strongest impression on me was Abhinav Bindra who was there to talk about autobiography A Shot at History. Abhinav comes through as “unflappable” almost to the point of being cold and unemotional, but in a very positive way. He seemed to go through this adulation with a somewhat detached view. Look at it like this, he won the gold in the 10 m Air Rifle event at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and became the first Indian to win an individual gold medal at the Olympic Games. It has been eight years since then. Could it be that we don’t win enough medals because we celebrate our victories for too long. It is true that the 6 ounces of gold that Abhinav’s medal had lifted the entire nation’s self-worth. Maybe we should celebrate the moment of victory without lingering on it and then shift our focus towards the next Olympics.

Wazir – Movie Review

Wazir - Movie Reviewwazir2

The story of Wazir is supposed to have been brewing in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s mind for the past several years. When Chopra met his writer Abhijat Joshi in 1994, he told him about the idea of setting a thriller around two chess players.

Resolutions for 2016

Resolutions for 2016HappyNewYear2016-w

Innovations that get implemented and go viral are the ones that have stories that capture our imagination. Ideas travel faster when they ride on the wings of stories. This year I want to improve my storytelling skills by doing a few things.

Beyond Apu – 20 Favorite Film Roles of Soumitra Chatterjee

Beyond Apu - 20 Favorite Film Roles of Soumitra ChatterjeeBeyond-Apu

Soumitra Chatterjee’s association with Satyajit Ray started with Apur Sansar (1959) – the last film in the Apu Trilogy. His association with Ray spanned over three decades. The most popular Ray films are associated with Soumitra Chatterjee. While Uttam Kumar, the other superstar of Bengali cinema, attempted (unsuccessfully) to carve a place in Hindi films, Soumitra remained known only to regulars in the film festival circuit or those who watch […]

How “Program Hiring” helps recruit top talent

How "Program Hiring" helps recruit top talentprogramhiring-700

In BCG’s list of 50 most innovative companies of 2015, auto companies like Toyota, BMW, Daimler and Tesla compete with Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon for the top spots. Technology-enabled innovation cuts across industries. So suddenly tech talent has choice of joining any company they choose to.

2016 Predictions – Your Learning Zodiac

2016 Predictions - Your Learning ZodiacZodiac

You have probably started watching the appearance of predictions for 2016. You have never before known about your learning zodiac. The best part about this zodiac, if you don’t like the prediction for your zodiac, pretend you are someone else. That’s what it means to take control of your life. So read the 2016 predictions – all of them – you never know who you will become. Capricorn (Dec 22 […]

Women writers – is that a fair categorization

Women writers - is that a fair categorizationBooks

Does the reader really care about the gender of the author when they read a book? Does knowing the gender of the author precondition the reader? When a book review mentions that it is a book written by a woman author, does it become easier or tougher to sell the book? It is true that I have read more books written by men. In Bengali, the writers I grew up […]

Baby talk – is it bad for the baby?

Baby talk - is it bad for the baby?Baby talk, parenting

The most common baby talk style is to create new words that are supposedly more comprehensible to the baby. Parents will point to a dog and refer to it as “bow-wow” or call a cat as “meaow”. You could say that they are both referring to the sound of the animal and hence justified. How do you explain referring to food as “num-num”? That is a close approximation of the sound that is made when a toothless infant attempts to eat, a parent had explained to me. Try it out. But does baby talk limit the amount of vocabulary the child picks up? Does that matter?

Wearables in the workplace

Wearables in the workplaceWearables at Work

By 2018, two million employees will be required to wear health and fitness tracking devices as a condition of employment
Who owns that data? What kind of decisions can the employer make with that data? Can the employee get to opt out of this tracking? The line is getting thinner. Wearables are coming soon to a workplace near you.

Do open offices boost creativity

Do open offices boost creativityCartoon-Open-office

Startups have open offices – mostly. Everyone from the twenty year old founder to the twenty one year old employees are all sitting around in open cubicles. It is a visible symbol of a non-hierarchical work culture. In a country where hierarchy is everywhere, this comes across like a breath of fresh air and becomes a great draw while hiring. But are they really productivity boosters (because the boss can keep an eye on you) or creativity enhancers?

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