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Friends in the age of social media

Friends in the age of social mediaFriends, Social Media, Cup of tea, 3 cups of tea

I wake up in the morning and remember it is my friend’s birthday. I like to make my own greeting cards. I arrive at my friend’s doorstep with card and a gift only to be greeted with a snarl. “You did not wish me on my birthday.” I am on the defensive for a moment before I reminded my friend that I had called up to wish him that morning. […]

Book Review: Gifted

Book Review: GiftedGIFTED

I met Siddharth Jayakumar during the first India Inclusion Summit. The purpose of the summit was to showcase people with disabilities who have gone on to achieve extraordinary heights. Siddharth is the first CDCS (Certified Documentary Credit Specialist) with cerebral palsy in India, who is presently a manager at IndusInd Bank Ltd. He is recipient of National award by Ministry of Social Justice. Above all he is an inspiring speaker […]

Talent Migration: What can Organizations Learn from Governments

Talent Migration: What can Organizations Learn from Governmentsmigration

The annual migration of wildebeest and zebras is one of the most fascinating sights in Africa. Every year one-and-a-half million wildebeest and 300,000 zebras undertake the 1,800 mile journey with their calves to go from Serengeti to Masai Mara. They cross torrential rivers filled with crocodiles and dodge the big cats that are forever ready to hunt them down. Yet, the migration continues every year even though almost 250,000 wildebeests […]

Managing global virtual teams

Managing global virtual teamsVirtual Team

I went back to my alma mater after many years. It was trip down memory lane. The most visible part of the change was the way in which Professors were now interacting with students. Face to face interactions were much lesser. They would load their slides and readings online. The students submitted the assignments electronically. Since all of them were living in the college hostel, you would imagine that they […]

How do we find our way around?

How do we find our way around?find-our-way

How do babies learn new words? How do we form first impressions based on the way people look? I spoke to Dr Tom Hartley, a neuroscientist and lecturer in Psychology at the University of York. He studies some of the questions I mentioned above and more. His research lies in the area of spatial cognition That deals with questions like: How do we find our way around? How do we […]

Book Review: The Musical World of SD Burman

Book Review: The Musical World of SD BurmanKishore Kumar, SD Burman

Writing a biography is a tough task. It cannot be a simple collage of photos and anecdotes culled out from authentic sources. It has to reflect on what makes the person unique. It should not get colored by the writer’s admiration or dislike of the protagonist. In crafting the biography the most difficult phase is to find a way to understand the rationale behind the choices the protagonist made. But […]

The heaven of freedom

The heaven of freedomIndia, Flag

Happy Independence Day! The Prime Minister walks up to the flag post, looks up at the flag lying tied up like a loosely shaped ball at the top of the flag pole, pauses for a moment before giving it a firm tug. That tug sets the flag free. The petals that have been hiding in the folds of the flag suddenly get wings. The national flag is unfurled and on […]

Book Review: Code Halos

Book Review: Code HalosCodehalos

Code Halo is the term Malcolm Frank and his two coauthors use to describe the digital footprint that we create every day as we click, surf and explore the net. The book starts with the example of the six companies that have leveraged Code Halos to grow into a trillion dollar club. They are Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Pandora and Netflix. These six companies had a combined value of $34 […]

Proficiency – a defining trait

Proficiency - a defining traitproficiency

Technology is driving a massive shift in the away we work. Whether it is wearable technology or a simple app in your mobile, it is giving people information that enables them to make choices. What these changes are doing in almost invisible ways is to shift our approach to decision making. Every app provides us the base level of information that a specialist can use to make decisions. A fitness […]

The Skills Pyramid

The Skills Pyramidskill-pyramid

I looked at the puzzled expressions on the faces of the 200 MBAs we had hired from the campus. This was day one at work. I was going to talk to them about “reinventing careers”. Isn’t it too early to think about reinvention on the first day at work, they ask me? Careers are not built on aspirations. Not anymore. They are built around the portfolio of skills we have. […]

Culture can make a company succeed or fail


There is this much publicized story about the online retailer Zappos. When they hire new employees, they are put through an intensive four-week training program to immerse them in the company’s culture, strategy, and processes. A week later the new hires are given the option to quit if they were uncomfortable with what they experienced the culture to be like. The firm offers them money to quit. They don’t just […]

Book Review: The Alliance

Book Review: The Alliancethe-alliance-w

The Alliance is a book by Reid Hoffman, one of the founders of LinkedIn and two co-authors Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh. The book begins by stating that when an employer refers to the employees as “we are a family”, he or she is being dishonest. The employee is constantly looking out for the next opportunity and the employer will  also happily downsize (and call it “rightsizing”) when the going gets […]

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