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Should driverless cars be taught ethics?

Should driverless cars be taught ethics?Driverless Cars, Robots, Cartoon, Ethics

With more than one death and four injuries every minute, India reports the highest number of road fatalities in the world and the prime reason is “drivers’ fault”. Will driverless cars make roads safer? Will the roads be safer if we taught them ethics?

Six Things That Define The Workplace Today

Six Things That Define The Workplace TodayTimes of India, Jobs, Workplace, 65 Years of Independence, Workplace

six things – indiaAs India steps into its 65th year of being a republic, India Inc celebrates the freedom to be an individual at the workplace…the most precious shift of the last 65 years.

Why does a baby name become popular?

Why does a baby name become popular?Baby Names, Abhijit Bhaduri, cartoons

In 2017 you can safely walk up to a kid and ask if they have a friend names Aarav or Vivaan. And if you are adventurous try asking if there is a Saanvi or Aanya in their class. You can expect to find several of them playing in the park. How can I be so sure? According to the BabyCenter the ten most popular names for boys in 2013 in […]

Talent Predictions for 2015

Talent Predictions for 2015Talent 2015, Economic Times

With so many millennials entering the workplace, one thing is very clear – their view of a career is very different from what the world has been used to. We will see the rise of people who specialize in helping millennials craft careers. It will be all about speed and agility. Here are my predictions for talent in 2015

Blue Ocean Strategies for HR

Blue Ocean Strategies for HRUber

I would like to see conferences invite the freshly minted HR professionals to run entire conferences. Call them Reverse Mentoring Conferences. Attendees should be people who have had more than 10 years of HR experience. No speaker in these conferences should have had more than 3 years of work experience. Why should conferences only invite speakers who have decades of experience?

Celebrating Failure

Celebrating FailureCelebrate Failure

Look at the ranking of the top ten companies in the Fortune 500 list. Then compare it with the list over the last few years. You will find that some companies that were among the most successful in the world have either disappeared or withered away. Many have been dislodged from their rankings. So when viewed over time success and failure look different. Celebrating failure is a necessary lesson to be learned. Failure is liberating. Success shackles.

Movie Review: PK

Movie Review: PKAamir Khan, PK, Anushka Sharma,

Raju Hirani has directed Munna Bhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munnabhai, 3 Idiots and now PK. With Munnabhai and the sequel he made it cool for the youth to follow Gandhi. With 3 Idiots he took a pot shot at parents obsessing forcing their kids to pursue career choices that left the kids cold. Hirani is back. This time with PK and he is taking a pot shot at a theme […]

Games Trainers Play

Games Trainers PlayTraining-Games

The whole thing happened in a matter of seconds. We were all stunned and immobilized by fear. The professor then asked students to write down their own version of eye-witness accounts of the incident.

Book Review: Compelling People

Book Review: Compelling PeopleCompelling People, Influence

John Neffinger and Matthew Kohut’s book Compelling People tells us that the truly influential people have strength and warmth. If you show neither strength nor warmth, you will evoke contempt and will be ignored. If you only show warmth but no strength, people will pity you. Show brute force without warmth and the person generates fear or envy. We admire those who show both. But this is hard.

Industrial Relations Skills – The Next Shortage

Industrial Relations Skills - The Next ShortageIndustrial Relations, Cartoons

It is funny how our view of what it takes to succeed changes over time – especially if you are at a B- School. In the pre-liberalization era, people who planned to pursue Human Resources would start their career on the shop floor. The job interviews would inevitably focus on testing the students on their depth of knowledge in labour laws. Trade Union leaders like Datta Samant would hit magazine covers as often as the movie stars – even if it was for the wrong reasons.

It’s Not the How or the What but the Who

It's Not the How or the What but the WhoClaudio, Hiring, Talent Management

Hiring someone for a job is a critical decision every leader has to frequently take. Outside of work, choosing the right life partner can have far reaching consequences. People decisions change our world dramatically. But most of us are not trained or skilled enough to do it right.We could make one of the two mistakes – we hire the wrong person or worse still, we reject the right person. So […]

Book Review: Duryodhana

Book Review: DuryodhanaDuryodhana

Have you read the Mahabharata? Which version of the Mahabharata did you read? Therein lies the genesis of this book Duryodhana by V Raghunathan. Who do you think is the hero of the tale? Is it Arjuna? Is it Krishna? Is it the five Pandavas and Draupadi? Was it Karna? Could it be Duryodhana? After all if history is written by the victors, how would you know that the version you have grown up knowing is the correct version?

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