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Chief Learning Officer of Wipro, author & enthusiastic enuf to try anything.
Wrote: Don't Hire The Best & the MBA series.

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Skills In A Team

Skills In A TeamTeam Skills, 11 Skills

Collaboration and the ability to work with a group of specialists is making today’s businesses look more and more like what goes into producing a great film or a winning cricket team. Every business needs to be viable, feasible and desirable. Here is my list of 11 skills that makes a team achieve all three objectives.

Analog vs Digital Leadership

Analog vs Digital LeadershipForbes, Digital Mindset, Bill Fischer

Powerful digital engines are everywhere, capable of the continuous production of new knowledge to feed new ideas. But, where are you? Are you still an analog leader in a digital world?

Future Crimes – book review

Future Crimes - book reviewFuture Crimes, Marc Goodman,

If you have a smartphone or have used email or have been on social media sites like Facebook you should read this book. After all “600,000 Facebook accounts are compromised daily”. If you use apps to find your way or shop online or have used free wifi at a coffee shop or a bank, you need to read why it is almost certain that your data has been compromised.

Dum Lagake Haisha

Dum Lagake HaishaDum Laga Ke Haisha

In a world obsessed by size zero and anorexic looking heroines, it takes courage to make a movie with a rather plump looking leading lady. But that’s what makes this story unconventional. Thought provoking while still being light hearted.

PhD for B Schools – do we need them?

PhD for B Schools - do we need them?PhD, Sketchnotes, People Matters

It is not the degree that matters but it’s what the degree represents — critical thinking, familiarity with generalizable frameworks, a sense of “where the field of study is” that the teacher needs to have.

Women Techie Careers

Women Techie CareersWomenTechie

Every business is now beginning to become a technology and data business. A sector like e-commerce is expected to grow at 50% in the next five years. The online retailers generate terabytes of data every day and need to build data science capabilities that can help them sell better. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) will continue to have the most opportunities. Women techies should make active plans to build successful careers.

Leadership for a digital enterprise

Leadership for a digital enterpriseexponential

The digital workforce uses technology to buy, sell, rate a product or service and share their ideas with the world. They are opinionated and are unafraid of rating anything from their managers to their increments and HR policies on the net for all to see. They create content for the social media by constantly uploading pictures of their activities, their selfies and whatever is on their mind – everything is just a tap away on the smartphone. No process has a defined beginning and end. Everything is ongoing and continuous and this speed of continuous and open communication leaves the analog colleagues dizzy.

Leap Year Babies and Weddings

Leap Year Babies and WeddingsLeap year, February, Baby

Yes, my friend is what we call a “leaping year baby”. Yes, that’s what they are called. I have never been able to call him that. Leaping year sounds the same as “leaping ear” and feels weird to visualize.

The Bell Curve of Parenting

The Bell Curve of ParentingBell Curve, Parenting, Helicopter Parent

Like everything else in life, there is a Bell Curve of parenting. There is the vast majority that is doing what everyone else is. A few are not doing anything at all and are clearly below average. A few people are doing things that make the average performer feel inadequate.

The Purple Squirrel

The Purple SquirrelPurpleSquirrel

A “Purple Squirrel” is that person who fits the role, the culture of the new organization to the T. And can straight away start performing at peak requirement. Do they exist? How do we find them? In practice I have never seen such an animal. But then I have never seen a unicorn either. HRKatha.com is a website that has a tagline “Human Resources Simplified”. I suppose this is as […]

The entrepreneur mindset in the digital age

The entrepreneur mindset in the digital ageEntrepreneurs, people Matters, Sketchnotes, Mindset

Entrepreneurs are irrational. Their dreams are always greater than their resources. In the digital age the notion of entrepreneurship is getting redefined. Why is it so?

Baby movie review

Baby movie reviewBaby, Movie Review, Akshay Kumar, Neeraj Pandey

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Let us just say that I am not someone who holds his breath until Akshay Kumar releases his movies. So when I saw the posters announcing the release of Baby, I just yawned and clicked my thumb and looked the other way. But this film is not about Akshay Kumar. It is a film directed by Neeraj Pandey. That […]

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