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Humans Are Underrated

Humans Are UnderratedHumans Are Underrated, Geoff Colvin

Geoff Colvin’s book talks about the importance of what he calls the “Relationship Worker” who has a greater advantage in the new economy. Much more than the Knowledge Workers. While the machines will pull up information and data faster than any lawyer can, they cannot fulfill our need for social interaction. “Understanding an irrational client, forming the emotional bonds needed to persuade the client” will be the differentiators in the future.

Navigating digital ecosystems

Navigating digital ecosystemsDigital Ecosystems, NHRD Journal, Sketchnotes

Disruption is a leadership phenomenon. Past success is the most effective predictor of future failure. Most disruption occurs not by making the wrong choices, as much as failing to choose at all. When the Ritz Carlton’s head of training professes to be unaware of Airbnb, or when the publisher of a newspaper depicts future strategy in terms that disown past strategies we can begin to see the magnitude of the challenges ahead. What is needed is close to a complete reworking of our leadership model.

Why Gulzar’s Writing Remains Fresh

Why Gulzar's Writing Remains FreshGulzar, Shantanu Moitra

Nothing seemed usual. The employees were all trying to spruce up an already squeaky clean recording equipment. The excitement was visible. Ten minutes more to go. Shantanu Moitra was pacing up and down lost in thought and humming something. This is not the time to disturb him. This has been a five year long project. He has interpreted some of Tagore’s most well-known songs that Gulzar has translated into his […]

Generation Z Will Disrupt

Generation Z Will DisruptGen Z, Disrution, Multi Gen Workplace

They are people born in the late nineties and are barely out of their teens. To understand a generation it is important to understand the defining events that they have experienced. These life experiences will influence the lens with which they will view the world.

Nineties was the era of Liberalization. It was an opening of the economy in India and the rise of the IT sector. The media exploded with choices and social media became a word. New sectors like the BPO emerged and started hiring younger people.

Do Disclaimers Work

Do Disclaimers Workdisclaimer

There are two kinds of films. Some begin with a disclaimer that says “All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” Is it better to say that the film was inspired by real events?



There are two parallel stories that run through the film Masaan (the colloquial term for Shamshaan or a burning ghat). They are studies in contrast. The first protagonist Devi (played by Richa Chadha) is a girl who is seeking a release from the clutches of a greedy cop and from being judged because of a personal choice she made.
The other story belongs to Deepak Choudhary (played brilliantly by Vicky Kaushal) is set on the famous Harishchandra Ghat of Banaras. The son of the dom (the people who cremate the dead) wants to escape the chains that his being born in that family limits him to. He dreams of being an engineer and stumbles upon love.

Insight Out by Tina Seelig

Insight Out by Tina SeeliginsightOut-w

Insight Out starts by describing the term Imagination as the ability to visualize what does not exist today. So how does one go about becoming more imaginative? Stay curious suggests Tina. Observe everything with curiosity and not judgement. Look for patterns and then see what opportunities for improvement exist. Spend a silent hour observing something and these moments of immersion. Then use these to create your own “Moon Shot” projects – a term made famous by Google. Creating a driverless car is surely like taking a shot at going to the moon for a search firm.

Inside Out

Inside OutSadness

Riley is eleven. She is moving from Minnesota to San Francisco with her parents. Inside Out is her story and the emotions that the eleven year old experiences as she leaves behind her friends and familiar world.

Disrupting Digital Business – Book Review

Disrupting Digital Business - Book ReviewRay Wang, @rwang0, Disrupting Digital Business, Disruption

The disruptors are companies that are able to rethink the business model ab initio by not only leveraging technology to create the product or the service but they create an organization that operates differently from an analog corporation. A digital business needs to keep the brand promise intact during the transformation.
“In the digital world, customers require businesses to focus on delivering authentic experiences and outcomes. We’re moving from selling products to keeping brand promises.”

The Intangibles of “Make in India”

The Intangibles of "Make in India"MakeinIndia

Is Apple an example of an American brand or is it a Chinese brand? Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn, which makes the iPhone, iPad and several other Apple products in factories in China, is in talks to open factories in India to make iPhones. Does it matter to the consumer where the iPhone is made? In a blind test would a consumer be willing to pay the same price for an iPhone that was made in India as compared to some other country?


Future of Work-w

I have been experimenting with Sketchnotes for a while. I just stumbled across @rohdesign and his work. I tried my hand at it and I was hooked. After struggling for a few days I got the hang of it. I then tried doing a Sketchnote live during a talk I gave and to illustrate most of my recent articles. I now tell the publisher, print the article and get a […]

Remembering RD Burman

Remembering RD Burmanfrom Rajadhyaksh photo shoot

RD HarmoniumRD Burman (27 June 1939 – 4 January 1994) is an influencer in Bollywood even today. Reality shows dedicate episodes to him, channels organize special RD Music shows, his songs are part of recent movies like Aisha, Tamanchey, Race, etc, TV serials are using cover versions of his songs, not to mention the remixes of his songs. Yet the same RD had long spells towards the end when he was without work. Success and failure perhaps have to be measured beyond the life span of an artiste.

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