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Chief Learning Officer of Wipro, author & enthusiastic enuf to try anything.
Wrote: Don't Hire The Best & the MBA series.

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Piku: Movie Review

Piku: Movie ReviewPiku, Amitabh Bachchan

Piku is an endearing tale of a young lady in her thirties who looks after her seventy year old father who is a hypochondriac. Very specifically he is obsessed with his “morning ablutions”… What makes it so watchable is the ordinariness of the story.

Book Review: Work Rules by Laszlo Bock

Book Review: Work Rules by Laszlo BockworkRules-w

Imagine writing the biography of a sixteen year old. Could it be interesting to someone who is a stranger? Would the life lessons be useful to someone who is much older? What if the sixteen year old happens to be Google? If Eric Schmidt’s book How Google Works told us about the hardware and architecture of Google, then this one is about the source code.

Performance Management – why is it so hard?

Performance Management - why is it so hard?perfappraisal

It’s not just in the workplace that we judge ourselves generously. When the weighing scale tells us that our weight is more than what it ought to be, we blame the scale. When a psychometric instrument tells us something about ourselves that we are uncomfortable with, a person will question the design of the instrument. Performance Management is hard … very hard.

Margarita With A Straw

Margarita With A Strawmwas2

The best movies tell stories that leave an aftertaste. Margarita With A Straw is that film. The taste lingers on long after you have watched it and mulled over the story again and again. That’s because Margarita With A Straw (MWAS for short) tells you so many untold stories.

Twitter Tips: What To Tweet

Twitter Tips: What To Tweetuseful-and-Interesting

You have an account on Twitter and use it to read stuff that people have to say. You look at their tweets and wonder how they can think of something clever and deep to say every day. Then you sigh and log off because you have never figured out what to say on Twitter. Then this article is for you. Useful or Interesting? There are two kinds of people on […]

LinkedIn Buys Lynda.com – what does that mean

LinkedIn Buys Lynda.com - what does that meanLinkedIn, Career, Lynda

The world will open up for the new learner who does not depend on being nominated to a corporate training program to beef up their skills. They are curious learners, who learn by trying out ideas. Those will be the most sought after in the job markets of the future.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Use The Enterprise Social Network

Why Doesn't Anyone Use The Enterprise Social Networkenterprise

Organizations have bought the latest and the best Enterprise Social Platforms like Chatter, Yammer, SocialCast etc. The usage remains lukewarm to put it mildly. It is not the thriving watering hole that brings everyone together. A place that replicates the heated debates and discussions of the smoke-filled cafes where intellectuals share their ideas; artists display their provocative versions of iconoclastic art and where auteurs discuss their cinematic dreams. Challenge No […]

Book Reviews: The Front Row

Book Reviews: The Front RowThe Front Row, @AnupamaChopra, @AbhijitBhaduri

Who reviews books written by cinema critics? Remember that puzzle, “Suppose the barber shaves everybody in town, except for all of those who shave themselves. Who shaves the barber?” That’s a bit like what I felt like while reviewing The Front Row by Anupama Chopra.

Stay Updated Stay Successful

Stay Updated Stay SuccessfulSketchnote, Economic Times, learning

It helps build humility to say that you need to learn something new and the courage to acknowledge that anyone, even someone junior, could be their teacher. So courage and humility are two great signs of an internally-motivated person.

Skills In A Team

Skills In A TeamTeam Skills, 11 Skills

Collaboration and the ability to work with a group of specialists is making today’s businesses look more and more like what goes into producing a great film or a winning cricket team. Every business needs to be viable, feasible and desirable. Here is my list of 11 skills that makes a team achieve all three objectives.

Analog vs Digital Leadership

Analog vs Digital LeadershipForbes, Digital Mindset, Bill Fischer

Powerful digital engines are everywhere, capable of the continuous production of new knowledge to feed new ideas. But, where are you? Are you still an analog leader in a digital world?

Future Crimes – book review

Future Crimes - book reviewFuture Crimes, Marc Goodman,

If you have a smartphone or have used email or have been on social media sites like Facebook you should read this book. After all “600,000 Facebook accounts are compromised daily”. If you use apps to find your way or shop online or have used free wifi at a coffee shop or a bank, you need to read why it is almost certain that your data has been compromised.

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