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Wrote: Don't Hire The Best & the MBA series.

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Leap Year Babies and Weddings

Leap Year Babies and WeddingsLeap year, February, Baby

Yes, my friend is what we call a “leaping year baby”. Yes, that’s what they are called. I have never been able to call him that. Leaping year sounds the same as “leaping ear” and feels weird to visualize.

The Bell Curve of Parenting

The Bell Curve of ParentingBell Curve, Parenting, Helicopter Parent

Like everything else in life, there is a Bell Curve of parenting. There is the vast majority that is doing what everyone else is. A few are not doing anything at all and are clearly below average. A few people are doing things that make the average performer feel inadequate.

The Purple Squirrel

The Purple SquirrelPurpleSquirrel

A “Purple Squirrel” is that person who fits the role, the culture of the new organization to the T. And can straight away start performing at peak requirement. Do they exist? How do we find them? In practice I have never seen such an animal. But then I have never seen a unicorn either. HRKatha.com is a website that has a tagline “Human Resources Simplified”. I suppose this is as […]

The entrepreneur mindset in the digital age

The entrepreneur mindset in the digital ageEntrepreneurs, people Matters, Sketchnotes, Mindset

Entrepreneurs are irrational. Their dreams are always greater than their resources. In the digital age the notion of entrepreneurship is getting redefined. Why is it so?

Baby movie review

Baby movie reviewBaby, Movie Review, Akshay Kumar, Neeraj Pandey

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Let us just say that I am not someone who holds his breath until Akshay Kumar releases his movies. So when I saw the posters announcing the release of Baby, I just yawned and clicked my thumb and looked the other way. But this film is not about Akshay Kumar. It is a film directed by Neeraj Pandey. That […]

The Charm of Raga Kedar

The Charm of Raga Kedar(c)  New Delhices

Persian literature refers to seven stages of love that begins with attraction (dilqashi or hub); infatuation (uns); love (mohabbat) is the third stage; the fourth stage is one of reverence (aquidat); reverence gives way to worship (ibaadat) and evolves to the sixth stage of an obsession (junoon); death (maut) is the seventh and final stage of love. Worship is also stage of love. No raga exemplifies it better than Kedar […]

Why is company culture hard to emulate

Why is company culture hard to emulateCultureCantBeCopied

Apple and Samsung trade charges of intellectual property infringement. But you have never heard of anyone stealing the culture of another company. Culture is a proprietary secret that is hard to hide because every employee knows what it is. Yet, even after you know everything about a company’s culture, it is impossible to replicate.

Goodbye RK Laxman – the uncommon “common man”

Goodbye RK Laxman - the uncommon "common man"Common Man, RK Laxman, Cartoon, Cartoonist

His caricatures always made a statement. Indira Gandhi was always shown with her nose in the air. Sanjay Gandhi was the “enfant terrible” in the pram wheeled by his mother. When Rajiv Gandhi came to power, Laxman was worried. After all if politicians did everything right, the satirists and cartoonists would be jobless. He said much to his relief very soon that Rajiv Gandhi did not disappoint the cartoonist. And Laxman remained a part of our lives.

Should driverless cars be taught ethics?

Should driverless cars be taught ethics?Driverless Cars, Robots, Cartoon, Ethics

With more than one death and four injuries every minute, India reports the highest number of road fatalities in the world and the prime reason is “drivers’ fault”. Will driverless cars make roads safer? Will the roads be safer if we taught them ethics?

Six Things That Define The Workplace Today

Six Things That Define The Workplace TodayTimes of India, Jobs, Workplace, 65 Years of Independence, Workplace

six things – indiaAs India steps into its 65th year of being a republic, India Inc celebrates the freedom to be an individual at the workplace…the most precious shift of the last 65 years.

Why does a baby name become popular?

Why does a baby name become popular?Baby Names, Abhijit Bhaduri, cartoons

In 2017 you can safely walk up to a kid and ask if they have a friend names Aarav or Vivaan. And if you are adventurous try asking if there is a Saanvi or Aanya in their class. You can expect to find several of them playing in the park. How can I be so sure? According to the BabyCenter the ten most popular names for boys in 2013 in […]

Talent Predictions for 2015

Talent Predictions for 2015Talent 2015, Economic Times

With so many millennials entering the workplace, one thing is very clear – their view of a career is very different from what the world has been used to. We will see the rise of people who specialize in helping millennials craft careers. It will be all about speed and agility. Here are my predictions for talent in 2015

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