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Ola boat – was that a good idea?

Ola boat - was that a good idea?image

As if to test my resolve someone sent me a screen shot of Ola cabs who purportedly were now offering a boat service to get around the city. Look at the way humor works in the social media world. Venkatesh Krishna who tweets as @VenkatTweetz modified the Ola screen shot and suggested that a boat service would be more effective instead. That screenshot seemed to have gone viral. So there was no reason to suspect that it was someone’s idea of a joke.

Unfinished Business: Book Review

Unfinished Business: Book ReviewUnfinished Business, Anne - Marie Slaughter

Left to nature alone, the population on earth would be give or take 50% men and 50% women, according to what’s become known as Fisher’s Principle. But look at the statistics: US has just 15% women in C-suite, only 20% senators or law firm partners. Women surgeons represent only 21% of surgeons. For all those who believe that women are more than adequately represented in the teaching profession, remember that only 24% of full time tenured professors are women. How do we explain this?

When generalists have to manage specialists

When generalists have to manage specialistsSketchnote

When the opportunity to lead the implementation of an ERP software across the Region came up, I was the first one to volunteer. This was the late nineties and IT was the black box everyone wanted to open. I had to manage a team of specialists and learn project management skills which were not my strength. The project needed me to relocate to the region and live in a new […]

5 ways to make Indian B-Schools feature in global rankings

5 ways to make Indian B-Schools feature in global rankingsMICA-w

It is always the same story. We have no dearth of B Schools in India. We have more than 150 of them in that list. That list does not include the departments of business education and management in every other university that grants the equivalent of an MBA. Talking of Indian Institutes of Management, we now have 19 of them – the latest one being in a place called Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh. Being located in a remote location makes it harder to find good faculty to come and teach there and even harder for employers to trudge the extra distance to hire one or two students. In any case only 10% of MBAs are really employable.
Here are 5 easy to implement ideas that will improve business education in India.

Happiness at work

Happiness at workImage courtesy: Kishore Bhargava on Flickr

I am a little wary of the lists that periodically announce the best places to work. It creates the illusion in the minds of many that if only they could wrangle a job offer with one of those employers they would be happy. The pictures of smiling employees sliding down multi-colored slides in the office and chomping free food can be a great draw. Does getting a job in such […]

How to find a “jagged” resume

How to find a “jagged” resumejagged-resume

Pursuing an unusual goal is not the sign of having a jagged resume. It is usually an accomplishment that makes you wonder, what motivated the person to take up the challenge. It usually is something that brings out the desire in a person to persist despite setbacks and hardships. The person may finally not even have succeeded. But it is quality of persistence that a jagged resume will show far more effectively than a regular resume.

NoPayMBA: Business education without an expensive MBA?

NoPayMBA: Business education without an expensive MBA?nopaymba

Laurie Pickard (Twitter @NoPayMBA ) who now lives in Kigali, Rwanda, completed her MBA-level education using only MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). She is now telling the world how to do it through her website NoPayMBA.com and Fortune, CNN/Money, Financial Times have all talked about her idea. She created to document her studies and to serve as a resource to other learners, has been visited by readers from nearly every country in the world.

Brand matters if we wish to go global

Brand matters if we wish to go globalBranding

I was always told when I was growing up that those who need style do it because they lack substance. Be good at your work and that is good enough. This belief is not true anymore. Both are important. Branding is really about “the truth told well” as a well-known agency used to say.

Do you really need to click that photo?


I don’t use my camera to click photos. It is always the phone that is handy. Convenience wins over discretion. I wonder if having the moment accessible on my phone has made me stop working hard at preserving the moment. Do photographers ever enjoy the moment if they are only worried about getting the perfect photo.

Scaling Up Learning

Scaling Up LearningScale-up-learning-w

In the mid-fifties when GE was expanding its operations across the globe, the president of GE, Ralph Cordiner decided to set up a corporate university. An hour away from New York spread over 59 acres, in 1956 GE offered its first course that spread over 13 weeks. Today no executive can imagine spending a full quarter of the year sitting in a classroom. While the courses that are offered at […]

Preparing children for the future workplace

Preparing children for the future workplaceFuture of work

When trade unions resisted computerization, they were assured that computerization would create more jobs – only with different skill requirements. Education has been the answer for people to move from the blue collar workforce to a white collared job. Robots are now coming after the white collared jobs too. Books like The Rise of The Robots by Martin Ford document an increasingly bleak future. When information technology is combined with easily accessible machine intelligence is that new industries that come up will never be labor intensive. How do we prepare for that jobless future?

Why don’t startups have CHROs?

Why don't startups have CHROs?Startup, Entrepreneurs, HR

I remember meeting someone from the fashion industry who had explained to me the many shades of black that she could differentiate. All through that flight, my co-passenger educated me about the different shades — carbon black, ebony, charcoal black and outer space black, to name a few. The specialist can see the subtle differences while a novice like me would describe all of them as ‘black’. Maybe the same goes for the people agenda.

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