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Culture can make a company succeed or fail


There is this much publicized story about the online retailer Zappos. When they hire new employees, they are put through an intensive four-week training program to immerse them in the company’s culture, strategy, and processes. A week later the new hires are given the option to quit if they were uncomfortable with what they experienced the culture to be like. The firm offers them money to quit. They don’t just […]

Book Review: The Alliance

Book Review: The Alliancethe-alliance-w

The Alliance is a book by Reid Hoffman, one of the founders of LinkedIn and two co-authors Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh. The book begins by stating that when an employer refers to the employees as “we are a family”, he or she is being dishonest. The employee is constantly looking out for the next opportunity and the employer will  also happily downsize (and call it “rightsizing”) when the going gets […]

Working in a ‘Wirearchy’ World

Working in a ‘Wirearchy’ WorldWirearchy-w

Changes in our world can be triggered for many reasons. Political decisions can sometimes affect a whole industry overnight. Passing a no-fly regulation by a country can seriously affect the profitability of an airline and drive it into bankruptcy. A growing or stagnant economy may open or shut markets and affect business opportunities around the world. Social norms change and that impacts how businesses operate. Community norms may discourage overseas […]

What Should We Do With a Budget of Rs25000 Crores

What Should We Do With a Budget of Rs25000 Crores25000cr

No I have not won a lottery. This just happens to be the budget of the newly formed Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry. Getting a budget and a leader to execute the budget in most cases is a good starting point for most projects. This problem is different. Before the Ministry can get going it needs to untangle a mesh of ministries and departments each one with a different army […]

Digital Match Making

Digital Match MakingCollegefeed.com, Job Ad

Just open the matrimonial ads in the newspapers and you will see what people in any culture believe to be the basis for a happy marriage. That could mean flaunting one’s salary or the name of the employer or the profession of the potential mate. Some will state what kind of a horoscope, caste or even skin color they seek. Some will talk about how well placed the family members […]

RD Burman and Raga Khamaj

Maruti Rao, Pancham & Badal B

Happy birthday Pancham. You would have turned 75 today. Being the son of SD Burman was the biggest barrier that RD had to overcome for a long time. When a composition was good, critics often passed it off as SD’s craft. This was when SD’s gave some sage advice and told his son, “Whatever you compose sounds like a Madan Mohan or Roshan melody. You need to have a style […]

The Myth of Demographic Dividend

The Myth of Demographic Dividenddemographicdividend

Across the rich world the well educated people are working longer than the less skilled. In the age group of 62-74 in America, 65% people with a professional degree are still working compared to only 32% of people who didn’t go to college. The incomes of the highly skilled are rising at the expense of the unskilled. Ironically the employment rates are falling among younger unskilled people. In another twenty […]

How Should We Celebrate Father’s Day

How Should We Celebrate Father's DayFather of the Nation, Gandhiji

When India achieved independence, we chose Gandhiji to be called the “Father of the Nation”. So shouldn’t we be celebrating Father’s Day on 2nd October every year and not on the third Sunday of June? We do have Gandhiji’s face on the currency notes that people use for daily transactions. I suspect it was meant to keep symbolically reminding us, to stay on the straight and narrow. Does it make […]

40 Bollywood Classics You May Have Missed

40 Bollywood Classics You May Have Missed40 Retakes, Bollywood, Films, Movies, Times of India Blog,

In which movie was Nana Patekar playing a character called  “Neelkanth Padmnabh Prajapati Dhoomketu Barishkar”? Hint: The movie was adapted from the English play The Rainmaker. Answer: Thoda Sa Roomani Ho Jayen Why should you see this movie? That is because the film redefines the idea of a musical in Hindi films. Not because it has twelve songs but because much of the dialogue is actually in verse. Lyricist and […]

Ten Memorable Prayer Songs from Hindi Films

Ten Memorable Prayer Songs from Hindi Filmsseven-notes

If you had to draw up a list of prayer songs from Hindi films, it would be a tough task. We have always had a long history of mythologicals and religious films. Should the choice be driven by the popularity of the song? Should one focus on the mood evoked by the song or should one look for a song that has a combination of great lyrics and music? Should […]

Who Will Disrupt the Human Resources Function

Who Will Disrupt the Human Resources Functionnetflix

Blockbuster, which had more than 9,000 retail stores across America just nine years ago, closed the few hundred video-rental stores last November in a long-expected announcement. The little blue boxes that Blockbuster VHS tapes and DVDs came in had come to represent a way of life. There was another company that used to send out DVDs in the mail, in little red envelopes. They are thriving. They are Netflix. Blockbuster […]

Why Your Chief Exec Too Should Be On Social Media

Why Your Chief Exec Too Should Be On Social MediaCEO-w

A minute on the internet means 240 million emails; 4 million Google searches; 48000 app downloads 277,000 tweets. The net has gone social in a big way. BRANDfog’s 2013 CEO, Social Media Leadership Survey raised the big question, why are CEOs/CMOs not present on social media channels?  You would have guessed it right. Almost 24% of the C-Suite are risk averse. They fear potential negative criticism or feedback and hence […]

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